Audio Matters

Whats a page about audio doing in here?  You can think of audio as the intersection of music and science (well, music and electronics, actually)... 

Venn diagram - Music, Audio, Science

Digital audio is ubiquitous, and so is misinformation about it.  Here's a multi-part expedition into that jungle.   Digital Audio Matters 

You never hear the term "high fidelity" any more.   The End of High Fidelity 

I'm always surprised when a recording I purchase is obviously botched.  Here's an example of a  flawed soundtrack. 

FM radio was once monaural only. You can find out how it was modified to handle stereo on my page about  multiplex stereo.

The sizes of the drivers in a speaker system affect the sound in ways you might not expect.   Getting Speakers the Right Size 




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