Digital Audio Matters

Despite the ubiquity of CDs and digital recording, some people think digital audio is inferior to analog   Here's a sampling of claims that are  wrong about digital audio. 

The audio output from a CD player (or any other digital audio device) has no stairsteps and no gaps.  How can that be?  Here's an explanation of  digital-to-analog conversion. 

The sound of a well-made LP is wonderful, but not so wonderful that you can't make a perfectly good  digital copy of an LP. 

Here's a list of the LP's many, varied, and audible flaws.
 What's Wrong With Vinyl Records 

Tape recording was used for audio mastering and multitracking for four decades, but no longer.   What's Wrong With Magnetic Tape 

Not that CDs are perfect.   What's Wrong With Audio CDs 

CDs cannot reproduce frequencies higher than 20 kHz.  Does that limitation matter to you?   Has the CD Been Superseded? 

The audio CD is still the standard of quality for music reproduction in the home. That's why I make  no apologies for the CD. 




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