Evolution Matters

I encountered my first creationist — a Thomist — 50 years ago.  I have since learned what Thomism is, along with a great many other things, but creationists still have not learned that evolution is science and creationism is not.  They continue to oppose the teaching of evolution, and I continue to promote it.

I have revised this short essay about evolution and information to use a better word to describe the way evolution discards almost all mutations.  Darwin's Demon 

The 2005 court case Kitzmiller vs. Dover Board of Education shone a light on the controversy over teaching creationism in public schools.   Godless in Dover 

Living things are so complex that they must have had a designer — or not.   The Watch and the Workshop 

Here's a cautionary tale about the way ignorance sometimes leads people to jump to unwarranted conclusions.   Faith and Knowledge 

Here's a letter I wrote about creationists'  marginalizing science.

Because science is objective, some people think it's value-free.  Here are a few thoughts about  science and values.

Christians think they have a monopoly on moral values.  How hypocritical can they get?   Evolution and Moral Values 

The Pope admonishes the faithful not to study evolution too seriously.   Faith, Proof, and Hypocracy 

If you'd like to learn more about evolution, here's a list of  books I recommend.




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