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Science Matters

Color Vision Revisited

Starry Sky

Land's Sodium Light Viewer

Science Is Not Like Religion

How Science Works

Orbits and Inverse Squares

Escape from Nazi Germany

Nuclear Fuel Is Not Explosive

The Land Effect

Anticipated by Huxley

Who Has Rejected Science?

Moon and Evening Stars

Evolution Matters

The Foucault Pendulum

A Science Quiz

Maxwell and Light

The Mushroom Cloud as Symbol

Who Was Lise Meitner?

The Faraday Flashlight

Knowledge:  Quotations

Science and Doubt:  Quotations

Science and Religion:  Quotations

The Words of a Crackpot

Evolution Matters

Godless in Dover

The Watch and the Workshop

Darwins Demon

Faith and Knowledge

Marginalizing Science

Science and Values

Evolution and Moral Values

Faith, Proof, and Hypocracy

An Evolution Bibliography

Music Matters

Lost Music, Rediscovered

What's Wrong With Most Music

Tune It or Die!

Michael Tilson Thomas

Something About Fado

The Music Itself

My YouTube Channel

From Mecano to Luna

Transfigured Night


Genre? What Genre?

Musical Discoveries

Discovering Kate Bush

What About Classical?

Favorite Classical Records

The Ascending Fourth

Audio Matters

Flawed Soundtrack

Digital Audio Matters

The End of High Fidelity

FM Multiplex Stereo

What's Wrong With Vinyl Records?

Getting Speakers the Right Size

Digital Audio Matters

Wrong About Digital Audio

Hearing Digital Audio

More Reconstruction

More About Nyquist

Digital Copies of LPs

What's Wrong With Vinyl Records?

What's Wrong With Magnetic Tape?

What's Wrong With Audio CDs?

Has the CD Been Superseded?

No Apologies for the CD


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