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Science Matters

Evolution Matters

Maxwell and Light

Escape from Nazi Germany

Who Was Lise Meitner?

The Mushroom Cloud as Symbol

Nuclear Fuel Is Not Explosive

Color Vision Revisited

Starry Sky

Land's Sodium Light Viewer

Science Is Not Like Religion

How Science Works

Orbits and Inverse Squares

The Land Effect

Anticipated by Huxley

Who Has Rejected Science?

Moon and Evening Stars

The Foucault Pendulum

A Science Quiz

The Faraday Flashlight

Knowledge:  Quotations

Science and Doubt:  Quotations

Science and Religion:  Quotations

The Words of a Crackpot

Evolution Matters

Godless in Dover

The Watch and the Workshop

Darwins Demon

Faith and Knowledge

Marginalizing Science

Science and Values

Evolution and Moral Values

Faith, Proof, and Hypocracy

An Evolution Bibliography

Music Matters

Lost Music, Rediscovered

What's Wrong With Most Music

Tune It or Die!

Michael Tilson Thomas

Something About Fado

The Music Itself

My YouTube Channel

From Mecano to Luna

Transfigured Night


Genre? What Genre?

Musical Discoveries

Discovering Kate Bush

What About Classical?

Favorite Classical Records

The Ascending Fourth

Audio Matters

Digital Audio Matters

The End of High Fidelity

Flawed Soundtrack

FM Multiplex Stereo

What's Wrong With Vinyl Records?

Getting Speakers the Right Size

Digital Audio Matters

Wrong About Digital Audio

Hearing Digital Audio

More Reconstruction

More About Nyquist

Digital Copies of LPs

What's Wrong With Vinyl Records?

What's Wrong With Magnetic Tape?

What's Wrong With Audio CDs?

Has the CD Been Superseded?

No Apologies for the CD

Video Matters

Widescreen & Low Definition

Widescreen & Ultra Widescreen

Better PAL Conversion

Wear and Tear of DVDs.

Interlace Gone Wrong

Super-Wide TV

Anamorphic Bewilderment

Anamorphic Bewilderment, Part 2

Anamorphic Bewilderment, Part 3

Anamorphic Bewilderment, Part 4


What About HDTV?

Why I Got a Widescreen TV

Why I Returned My First One

Why Not Both Ways

Widescreen, But Not HDTV

Widescreen WIBNIF

Interlaced Video

Backlight for TV

TV Signal Dropouts

Personal Matters

Statins and Muscles

Claret Ash

Volunteer Plants

Snow White, the movie

Junkbox Steel Guitar

Junkbox Steel Guitar, Part 2

Junkbox Steel Guitar, Part 3

Truly Unique

Books in My Library

Traffic Light for Pappy

More Pictures

Still More Cat Pictures

More Cat Pictures

Cat Pictures

Photo Album

My Favorite Movies

The Lord of the Rings - the Movies

Odds & Ends

Cars and Driving

Bad Connections


Robust Remote Control

Art in Engineering

When All Else Fails

How Many Kelvins?

Silly Jam

Tea Water Mystery

Kangaroo Court

Meta Page 2

Meta Page 1

Innumeracy at the Olympics

The Black Glass Mountain

Zeno versus Galileo

Books, Well-Bound and Badly-Bound

Book Pages: Sewn or Glued

A Re-Bound Book

A Badly-Bound Hard-Cover Book

Badly-Bound Paperback Books

A Well-Bound Paperback Book

Christian Hypocracy

The Overwhelming Majority

Cars and Driving

Speed and Gas Mileage

A Surprising Way to Save Gas

Should You Use Premium Gas?

Curves and Lateral G Force

Caster Return


Stupid Repairman

Folder Wars

Erroneous Error Message

Stumbling Over a Square Root

The Universal Library


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