Music Matters

One of my favorite pieces of classical music had been lost for 40 years.  Here's a story about  lost music, rediscovered,  with newly added  comments  from some musical authorities.

Because the music is more important to me than the lyrics, on this page I try to describe  the music itself .   (I recently updated this article to use a different example file after the previous one was taken down.)

Thinking about the few pieces of classical music I like, I have to ask  what's wrong with most music. 

So many people don't mind pitchy singers, as "American Idol" demonstrates.   Tune It or Die! 

Among the great artists of our time is the music director of the San Francisco Symphony:  Michael Tilson Thomas .

My most recent musical discovery, and in some ways the best, is the Portuguese soul music: Fado.  I've consolidated three previous pages into one:  Something About Fado .

I've finally gotten around to posting some music videos on  my YouTube channel .

Here's a story about an opera that I discovered only because I was a fan of the Spanish pop group Mecano.     From Mecano to Luna 

When I played a recording of a string sextet at my school, I got a surprise.     Transfigured Night 

How do I know whether or not I like a piece of music?  Immediately!     Gobsmacked 

There are many kinds, or genres, of music;  I don't like any of em.   Genre? What Genre

Well, then, how have I found any music I do like— in fact, love?   Musical Discoveries 

Twenty-five years ago I  discovered Kate Bush 

Though I've made discoveries in many genres, my first love (musically speaking) was Twentieth-century classical.




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