Odds and Ends

This page contains items that don't fit comfortably into any of the categories listed on the left.

According to conventional wisdom, using premium gas is a waste of money. Here I re-examine the question.   Should You Use Premium Gas? 

Here's how I analyze what happens when I drive my car on a curvy road.  Curves and Lateral G Force 

Here are a few of my encounters with a perennial problem:  bad connections. 

Another natural wonder is in decline:  fireflies. 

I recently found out how well a TV remote control survives a shower of tea.   Robust Remote Control 

Some technologies incorporate design so inspired it deserves to be called  art in engineering .

When a modern electronic device needs a good swift kick, you have to remember the software.   When All Else Fails 

I can't help noticing that the light from most compact fluorescent lamps looks yellowish.  Here's more about that:  How Many Kelvins? 

For information about the appearance of my text pages, here are  the meta pages .

I thought this kind of jam was silly.  What did I know?   Silly Jam 

What happened to my tea?   Tea Water Mystery 

Some vocabulary-impaired college freshmen were embarrassed by a  kangaroo court .

You'd think sports nuts would have the arithmetic of their scoring systems down pat.  Not necessarily — here's an example of  innumeracy at the Olympics .

I learned about the spell of words a long time ago, when I heard about the  black glass mountain .

A recent book shows that people are still under the spell of words.      Zeno versus Galileo 

In my book collection there are both  well-bound books and badly-bound books. 

I've always liked cars with good handling; here's one of the reasons.     Caster Return 

The Christian church has persecuted many groups, including scientists.     Christian Hypocracy 

If I sometimes seem like a curmudgeon, it's because I feel outnumbered by the   Overwhelming Majority .




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