Video Matters

I've updated by account of TV that exhibits  interlace gone wrong.

With a larger larger TV, blurry video is harder to ignore.   Widescreen & Low Definition 

Now that I've upgraded to a larger TV, I've revised some of my ideas about screen sizes.   Widescreen & Ultra Widescreen 

I recently discovered a program that enables me to perform  better PAL conversion.

A movie rental exemplifies the immunity to  wear and tear of DVDs.

Some of the videos I've found on YouTube are evidence of  anamorphic bewilderment.

I recently aquired a machine that lets me watch  PAL DVDs  on my TV.

Here are several pages with my earlier thoughts about  widescreen and HDTV.

One of the fascinating aspects of digital TV is the way it handles  interlaced video .

Watching TV is more pleasant with a  backlight for the TV.

Here's what happened when I got  signal dropouts with my satellite TV.




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