Personal Matters

After taking a statin for a year, I quit and learned about  Statins and Muscles 

I've added a few to my movie list, along with a few comments on each.
 My Favorite Movies 

You can see why this tree is called a  Claret Ash. 

When a plant comes up on its own, is it a weed or a volunteer?
 Volunteer Plants 

Here's my take on the latest rerelease of Disney's  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I needed a steel guitar for some experiments in tuning.  Rather than buying one, I built a  junkbox steel guitar. 

I've always known I was unusual, but now I'm certain that I'm  truly unique .

Here's a list of (some of) my favorite books. I've added a brief description of each one.   Books in My Library 

Here's a picture of a  traffic light for Pappy .

Here are a few pages of photographs.

I've said I like the movies of The Lord of the Rings; here's why.     The Lord of the Rings - the movies 




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